There once was a Maverick who dared to be different. Whether it was skateboarding to school in the morning, catching monster waves under the warm brilliant sun, or snowboarding down the mountains over fresh powder; this Maverick was bold. A trendsetter, a leader, and an icon whose persona screamed fiercely to the world: “THIS IS WHO I AM." It was with this brazenness that MAVRX was born; a symbol of true originality in a world chalk-full of automations. Be BOLD. Be DEFIANT. Be TRUE. Be YOURSELF. 

MAVRX has sponsored many action sports and celebrity events nationwide. With your help, we have also donated partial proceeds from every item sold to non-profit organizations to help better the community.

MAVRX continues to grow with the unique spirit and support of talented artists, athletes, and musicians. We take great pride in establishing ourselves as more than just a brand, but a maverick among our competitors.

Founded by MK Hustwayte.